We always grow a lot of tomatoes. We love to share them and also sell organic tomatoes. I freeze tomatoes all summer long. I do not can them anymore as I do not have a cool dark place to store the canned goods. We do not have air conditioning in our farm house so freezing works well for us. Tomatoe GardenTomatoes 1  CherryTomatoes 1Tomatoes 2

My favorite tomatoes are Early Girls, any Cherry, Sweet 100 and Tommy Toes. I have a Tomato Juicer I use when I want to make juice and sauce. It is great for Cherry tomatoes too. I pour the tomato sauce into plastic bottles to freeze. Plastic bottles of all sizes work well for storing in the freezers. Some tomatoes I freeze chunky, some as sauce.

Tomatoe Juicer Freeze tomatoes 1

I also love to cook up stewed tomatoes in the crock pot with Bell Peppers and Banana Peppers and freeze these too in plastic bottles. I do not add onions. You can sauté your onions fresh and add to stewed tomatoes when you are ready to use them. Stewed Tomatoes