Homestead Jersey Milk Cows

Jersey cattle are a small breed of dairy cattle. Originally bred in the Channel Island of Jersey, the breed is popular for the high butterfat content of its milk and the lower maintenance costs incurred by its lower bodyweight, as well as its genial disposition.
Jersey Cows Wikipedia
Our cow Jersey Girl is very small even for a Jersey. We were wanting to find a small one and she is perfect. Milking Jersey Girl with the Farm Master Belly Milker. Read about the Milker we power with our Pickup Truck.

FarmMaster Belly Milker 5

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CraigsLook Ads Jersey Search

Put in your zip code on the left and hit ENTER and the search will come up for Jersey cows in your area + 25 miles. You can widen the search area also. CraigsLook is great for searching.

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Josie and Jenny, Jersey Girl’s 2013 twin girls out of a Milking Shorthorn sire (AI)

Josie and Jenny

Jersey Girl and the twins spring 2014

Jersey Jenny Josie 2

2015, resting in the sunshine

Jersey and Twins 2015